Esophageal Cancer Registry

A common characteristic of the different histological subtypes of esophageal cancer is poor prognosis. In addition, the incidence of these tumors are rising worldwide. Today, esophageal cancers are the eighth most common types of malignancies. There is a serious lack of data regarding the epidemiology of this disease, especially in Hungary. A wide base of epidemiological and other type of knowledge is required to optimally treat these patients, even more so than other diseases, since in the case of esophageal malignancies a multidisciplinary team of different medical professionals take part in both diagnosis and treatment.

Goals of the study:

1. Data collecttion regarding number, epidemiological and geographical characteristics of esophageal cancer patients.

2. Recording routes and hospitals visited by patients to receive more information on the care of these diseases and identify potential points for improvement.

3. Listing potential risk factors for esophageal cancers, in hope of finding an effective way of prevention or screening.  

4. Documenting the treatment modalities received by patients, noting outcomes of each.

5. Conducting long term follow-up, examining the effects of the applied treament on symptoms and quality of life.