WOPN Registry

We plan to create a national and international web-based database (WOPN registry) on the characteristics of walled-off pancreas necrosis (WOPN), the effectiveness of interventions used in its treatment, and the occurrence of complications. The data provide insight into the factors that influence outcome and the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

WOPN is one of the most serious complications of necrotizing pancreatitis, which can be life-threatening if overinfected. In addition to conservative therapy, we can provide percutaneous, endoscopic, and surgical drainage. Within these invasive, semi-invasive methods, several techniques may be considered. The purpose of the WOPN Registry is to collect, in addition to the listed sites, additional Hungarian and foreign research sites in the form of a national and international web-based database for the occurrence of this complication, . In addition, the database provides an opportunity for mapping additional complications and mortality data. These data may determine the criteria for selecting the appropriate therapeutic modality.