Autoimmune Liver Disease Registry

Autoimmune liver disease is rare. Three main forms are known: autoimmune hepatitis - AIH, primary sclerosing cholangitis - PSC, primary biliary cholangitis - PBC. The rare occurrence makes it difficult to plan examinations because it is difficult to involve a sufficient number of cases from one center. These diseases have extremely high heterogeneity, leading to diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties. However, multicentric studies may allow a better understanding of this variability and diversity across the entire clinical spectrum. In most cases, the therapies are personalized and conducted according to the different methods of large centers. In order to be able to measure and improve the medical care and quality of patients with rare liver diseases, the health records of all such patients in the participating centers, as well as the parameters of their disease course, are absolutely essential. The pathogenesis of these rare liver diseases is also not fully understood. There is increasing evidence that the intestinal-liver axis may play a role in both the development and the course of the disease, details of which are not well known.