Hungarian Phytotherapy Study Group

The Hungarian Phytotherapy Study Group was established in 2019 to facilitate the improvement of evidence-based phytotherapy by initiating and coordinating scientific research projects. The primary goal of the Study Group is the assessment of clinical trials on herbal medicinal products by preparing meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Furthermore, in the longer term, our aim is to launch clinical trials focusing on safety and efficacy of herbal medicinal products. By developing and maintaining registries, our aim is to gain data on the use of natural products for which there is a lack of results of clinical trials. The mission of the Study Group is to serve as a forum and platform for co-operation for all the researchers and professionals in the field of rational phytotherapy.

  • Dezső Csupor, Ákos Bajtel, Boglárka Csupor-Löffler, Tivadar Kiss, Evelin Polanek, Orsolya Roza, Andrea Szabó, Barbara Tóth, Andrea Vasas


Dezső Csupor
professional leader

Ákos Bajtel
Andrea Szabó 
Barbara Tóth 
Andrea Vasas 


The Effects of a Fixed Combination of Berberis aristata and Silybum marianum on Dyslipidaemia - A Meta-analysis and Systematic Review
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Vitex agnus-castus in premenstrual syndrome: a meta-analysis of double-blind randomised controlled trials
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The combination of hawthorn extract and camphor significantly increases blood pressure: a meta-analysis and systematic review
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The efficacy of saffron in the treatment of mild to moderate depression: a meta-analysis
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