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Program Periods: We offer scientific projects for three different periods: 24, 12, 6 months

Program Site: Medical School, University of Pécs campus in the historic city of Pécs at the base of Mecsek hills.

Eligibility: MSc, MD or admittance to University of Southern California.

Description: The historic city of Pécs, which is the cultural and educational centre of the South-Western Transdanubian region of Hungary, is proud to house the country’s oldest university. The internationally recognized University of Pécs was founded in 1367 by King Louis the Great. Rebuilt after World War I, the University was reorganized. The University Hospital and the research institutions were housed in the central city hospital, the Episcopal Library, the old academy of law and various schools. Today, however, most of the research and teaching facilities of the Medical School are located in one area. All the student service facilities, including the Medical School’s Administration, and the Student Activity Areas have also been consolidated into the same campus.

University of Pécs is a state university. The Medical School is listed in the WHO’s directory of Medical Schools and is accredited by the Hungarian Accreditation Board. The International Program started in 1984 with 38 students. The number of admitted students has been gradually increasing. The first class graduated in 1990. Our students come from 67 countries all over the world. Up to September 2019, 1094 students received the MD, 104 students their DMD and 13 students their Pharm. D. diplomas, as well as 37 Biotechnologists were awarded their MSc degree. The University of Pécs Medical School is divided into 32 clinical departments and another 25 departments concerned with the basic sciences and pre-clinical medicine. There are also several sub-departments and sections that contribute to the research and teaching activities. Along with each individual’s full-time commitment to clinical service, the staff members of the Medical School, numbering about 800 physicians and lecturers, participate in the teaching and research programs as well. This internationally recognized faculty hosts more than 409 physicians holding a PhD degree, 91 members also hold the Hungarian degree of Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.). Seven seniors hold membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Medical School draws its patients from all the areas of Hungary and many foreign countries as well. The entire University Hospital has a capacity of approximately 1350 beds. The University Heart Center is the most up-to-date and best-equipped medical department of this type in Hungary.

Academics: The tutorial system is an integral part of the university's academic structure. The University of Pécs places a great deal of emphasis on small group teaching, with tutorials of two or three students and seminar groups of six to twelve students. Each student is assigned a personal supervisor, a member of the faculty in the Centre for Translational Medicine. Clinical scientific supervisor: a senior clinician (expert) who raises relevant clinical questions, determines the direction of the research and bridges the gap between the theoretical and clinical work in the clinical program. Basic research supervisor: a senior research fellow (expert) who raises relevant basic research questions, determines the direction of the research and ensures that the methodology used in the basic research program meets the international standards. Educational supervisor: an expert in pathophysiology who provides support in academic education. Scientific methodology supervisor: a methodologist who has experience in designing and carrying out translational research projects and provides methodological support in various aspects of science, including meta-analyses, patient registries, and clinical trials.

The Translational Medicine Research course teaches students how to be critical consumers of medical research papers, to gather primary data on health issues through questioning and observation, and to conduct biomedical research. During their projects, students participate in writing an extended research paper. Practicum options include working at a health facility. The projects are managed by study groups which consist of at least a junior fellow and a senior fellow and which perform research on a specific field of medicine (e.g., Hungarian Pancreatic Study Group). A research fellow can participate in multiple study groups with different projects, which include meta-analyses, patient registries, clinical trials, and basic research projects. You can find the 2019/2020 projects here.

Course load and Credit: Students must take a minimum of 30 credits at Medical School, University of Pécs units per semester.

Activities and Other Program Features: The international team of the University of Pécs provides several cultural days, and national events each academic year. Moreover, the local ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is organizing game nights and trips which are very popular amongst students. As a citizen of the UP, you have numerous opportunities to attend sports events such as the Medical cup, and join leisure activities, for example, the Dancing University program, or the yearly International evening. Our English-German Student Council invites a lecturer from the field of medicine each year to give a Motivational Speech. In terms of entertainment and events, Pécs offers a huge number of activities, excursions and things to do for everyone, regardless of taste or budget. If you plan sightseeing, you can take a guided city tour or with the help of a map you can discover the city by yourself too. Pécs also has a great variety of festivals year-round where you can discover the music of the most popular Hungarian and international bands, enjoy traditional and modern Hungarian performances, taste the best food and wine and so on. If you are happy to spend some time in a relatively undisturbed natural environment, all you have to do is to go up the hill. Put on your hiking boots and head for the Mecsek Hills! Signposted footpaths which criss-cross the Mecsek offer a huge variety of opportunities for walkers. International students can pursue abundant sports while studying at the University of Pécs. Here is a list that includes some of them: aerobics, table tennis, handball, basketball soccer, martial arts, volleyball, archery, fencing.

Accommodations: Students live in dormitory housing located in quiet, residential areas of the city. Only shared rooms are available, each equipped with private bathrooms. The dormitories are ‘self-catering’ with clusters of rooms on the same floor sharing kitchen facilities. Each dormitory has internet access per room, parking slots, bike storage, and cafeteria. Kitchenware and cutlery are not provided. Rooms are offered on a reasonable price level: approximately EUR 125 / USD 146 per month. Additionally, the Student Housing office of the Medical School offers real estate services for properties (apartments, houses, land) for sale and rent in the city.

Dates: Year. Fall term runs from September to February; Spring semester runs from February to July.

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