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Conditions for the combined PhD-residency translational program in dentistry managed jointly by the Translational Medicine Center, by the Doctoral Council and by the Faculty of Dentistry.

1. Applications must be made at the website of Translational Medicine Center website by May 15, 2021:

2. Length of the translational PhD program 2-4 years. The whole translational PhD program is continued in English.

3. Expected outcome - Completed PhD degree and completed residency expected average publication output: 2-3 first authorships and 3-4 co-authorships in Q1 journals

4. Requirements for PhD entrance exam 

multiple parameters based scoring system:  maximum 28 for previous achievements, max 32 given by the Entrance Examining Committee, altogether maximum 60 (minimal requirement is 36/60)

a. Hungarian students:

b. International students:

c.  Stipendium Hungaricum students (Hungarian government funded, for applicant outside of Hungary, there are given quotes for each country, application is usually in January each year)

5. Requirements of residents in dentistry

a. Have to pass a successful residency program entrance exam at the Faculty of Dentistry

b. The applicant has to be able to spend 32 contact hours / week during the first year and 8 hours / week during the following years while in the translational PhD program.

c. The applicant has to agree not to take any private practice work during the 4 or 5 years of the combined program.

6. Preference for applicants will be given who have a proposal for an accredited PhD tutor but applicants without tutors will also be considered.

7. FINANCIAL ARANGEMENT for admitted participants to the program starting both translational PhD and dental residency parallel in 2021: 

a. Contracted PhD/residency students will receive the regular PhD stipendium for 1-4 years (140K forints per months in years 1-2, then 180K forints per months in years 3-4) or until they defend their thesis. The shortest possible completion leading to PhD diploma is 2.5 years.

b. Additionally, contracted PhD/residency students will receive residency salary as follows: 

  • 50% of the regular resident salary in the first year when 32 contact hours/week spent in the translational PhD program. 
  • 100% of the regular resident salary in the following years of the program

The doctoral program can be credited to the time of residency, 6 months with two Q1 publications (1 first authorship and 1 co-authorship) or 12 months with three Q1 publications (2 first authorship and 1 co-authorship)

Please, note that those who are already residents or PhD students or already completed residency could also apply for attendance in 2021. But the above requirements, especially 32 contact hours / week in the first year, and no private practice during the whole course also necessary for them.

Please, also note that the program is in the forming phase some changes of rules are still possibly. The present information is provided on May 5, 2021.

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