RAP Registry

The main objective of this observational, general and prospective STEMI registry is to describe the demographic, pre-clinical and clinical characteristics of the management of patients with STEMI, admitted to University of Pécs, Heart Institute’s PCI center. 

The target population is patients with chest pain or equivalent symptoms of more than 20 minutes duration within the last 24 hours prior to admission to hospital and ST segment elevations in the diagnostic ECG.


  • To collect data how the latest ESC guidelines regarding STEMI are adopted to the everyday practice of the management of STEMI patients.

  • To assess pre-hospital and hospital management of STEMI patients particularly regarding the management of malignant arrythmias.

  • To evaluate how a possible new/additional pharmacological recommandation could influence the incidence of malignant arythmias during the reperfusion period during primary PCI.

  • To evaluate how this additional pharmacological agent would influence in-hospital, and 30-day mortality rate in this patient population.

This registry will be open to all PCI centers in Hungary and abroad as well.