Our Hybrid PhD and Medical/Healthcare Training Program at the CTM provides students with the opportunity to engage in patient care and academic activity simultaneously. Within the framework of the training, they acquire clinical research methodologies using the “learning by doing” method through independent scientific projects. They are provided the opportunity to join workgroups, participate in meta-analysis, studies related to different registers and in clinical work.

The program helps students to become critical consumers of medical research papers, to gather primary data on health issues through questioning and observation of patients and to conduct biomedical research. Students will gain an understanding of the planning of clinical research, including meta-analysis, patient registries and clinical trials, by designing an extended project in study groups, which are led by experienced members of CTM.

To provide the most support and convenience for students we created an e-learning program to decrease the number of courses that require attendance. These online lectures are available in 5 topics, but our online course database is constantly expanding. The courses are held by internationally distinguished scientists and contain tests at the beginning and end of each video, so students can better follow their learning process. These are carried out based on individual timetables, but they must be completed before the given personal course. Completion means finishing the opening and closing tests. A minimum of 75% of the points must be achieved on the final test.

Our e-learning is available here: