Expert Program

Expert Program

The EXPERT PROGRAM is for people who already have a scientific background and experience, but are unable or unwilling to participate in a 3-year PHD PROGRAM due to time constraints. During the 1-year extensive program they can learn all the methodologies and then put them to use in their own research facilities when they return home. Scientists will have the opportunity to write their own first-authored articles. We offer help in learning the methodologies and provide statistical support.
Regular group meetings will be held to report on progress. Good communication skills in English are required. Those participating in Expert program will follow Year 1 at the PHD PROGRAM schedule.


  • PhD degree or substantial scientific background.
  • Good English communication skills are recommended (minimum B2 levels, see details here)


  • Participants will be able to understand the concept of the healthcare delivery science as part of the translational medicine cycle
  • At the end of the training, participants will learn the main points of setting up a patient registry, initiating a clinical trial, or conducting a comprehensive systematic review with meta-analysis.
  • Critically appraise clinical research studies using a systematic approach.
  • Define the basic knowledges and skills required in translational research.
  • Grow the professional international network of translational researchers.
  • PhD degree with high level scientific achievements
  • In addition, participants will gain presentation skills, debating skills, language skills, and organizational skills.

More information about the programme can be found here.