Hybrid PhD Program

Hybrid PhD Program

The PHD PROGRAM covers all aspects of the TM Cycle. The program helps students to become critical consumers of medical research papers, to gather primary data on health issues through questioning and observation, and to conduct biomedical research. Students will gain an understanding of the planning of clinical research, including systematic reviews, patient registries and clinical trials, by designing an extended project in study groups, which are led by experienced members of the TM Centre.


  • a newly qualified doctor, pharmacist, dentist, dietician, etc. (anyone with an MD, MSc, MA, DMD degree).
  • already is in some medical or other professional training
  • has already obtained their specialist qualification.

Our program caters to individuals, primarily of Hungarian nationality, who seek to work or are already working in clinics alongside their professional training, encompassing a variety of medical and healthcare disciplines.


  • Participants will be able to understand the concept of the healthcare delivery science as part of the translational medicine cycle
  • At the end of the training, participants will learn the main points of setting up a patient registry, initiating a clinical trial, or conducting a comprehensive systematic review with meta-analysis.
  • Critically appraise clinical research studies using a systematic approach.
  • Define the basic knowledges and skills required in translational research.
  • Grow the professional international network of translational researchers.
  • PhD degree with high level scientific achievements
  • In addition, participants will gain presentation skills, debating skills, language skills, and organizational skills.

More information about the programme can be found here.