Healthcare - About patient clubs

We aim to create communities where people with chronic illnesses and patients with acute illnesses can access all the information they need to understand and manage their condition, while representing their interests.

The phrase "strength in unity" is often used, and this applies to the community of people with the same illness, as well as to many other areas of life. As well as supporting researchers and research, we see our aim as being achieved through patient education, psychological and practical support. We believe that by bringing patients together, we can improve both the quality of treatment and the quality of patients' lives.


Why is it worth joining our patient clubs?

- There are many questions that patients do not have time to ask during a doctor-patient appointment or that only arise later. Our patient clubs provide an opportunity for detailed information to patients, which would not be possible in the current healthcare system without the NGO structure. We want our patient club members and their relatives to get the right answers from a professional, rather than searching the internet, often fruitlessly, to build trust in their doctors and healthcare professionals.

- Information will be delivered through lectures, information materials, club meetings and small group sessions.

- Through our citizens' initiative, we aim to make the results of clinical research in specific diseases as widely known as possible, thus continuously improving the quality of healthcare.

- By working together, we aim to represent the interests of both patients and their doctors.


Our active patient clubs:

  • Pancreas Patient Club
  • Coeliac Disease Patients Club
  • Cardiomyopathy Patients' Club
  • Stroke Patients' Club
  • IBD Patient Club
  • NASH/NAFLD Patient Club
  • Wilson's Disease Patient Club

We welcome you to our meetings/events, where you can share your concerns, experiences and advice with your fellow members, and learn from doctors and health professionals!