Eszter Hegyi, a researcher at the University of Pécs and a staff member of the Translational Medicine Centre, was proud to receive this year's János Bolyai Research Fellowship. Eszter Hegyi is one of the 155 young researchers who will receive the Bolyai János Research Fellowship, as decided by the Board of Trustees of the MTA Bolyai János Research Fellowship at its meeting on 8 June.

The Bolyai János Research Scholarship, established by the MTA, has been the most prestigious and prestigious scholarship in Hungary for many years. Its aim is to recognise and encourage outstanding research and development achievements among young researchers and to help them prepare for the award of the title of Doctor of Sciences. The fellowship also strengthens the link between the doctorates of the Academy of Sciences and the younger generation of researchers, following the award of the Bolyai Fellowship.

Eszter Hegyi works in the laboratory of the Centre for Translational Medicine "Centre for Pancreatic Diseases", whose main objective is basic and translational research on the treatment of pancreatitis. Through genetic association studies, the laboratory aims to identify new risk factors that may contribute to the development of chronic pancreatitis. The research will also collaborate with the National Pancreas Registry, run by the Hungarian Pancreas Working Group, and the Genetic and Tissue Bank, which will allow the collection and storage of human samples.

Eszter's research group is also working on animal models of chronic pancreatitis caused by mutations in digestive enzymes. This line of research will allow a precise understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease and the effects of mutations in vivo.

The awarded Bolyai János Research Fellowship is the result of persistent and dedicated work that further strengthens Eszter Hegyi's position in the scientific community. The award will be presented to the winners on Bolyai Day in September, providing the young researchers with a worthy recognition of their achievements.