The students are now finishing their first scientific articles, and some of them are already making good progress on the next ones. The team is highly motivated by the success of the second and third-year students, who have already published in prestigious scientific journals. In April, the Gynecology-Urology Group (Year 1) was named the best group of the month.

The Gynecology-Urology Group (Year 1) of the Centre for Translational Medicine has two group leaders, Prof. Dr. Nándor Ács and Prof. Dr. Peter Nyirády, who are coordinating many enthusiastic Ph.D. students. “When the Centre moved to Semmelweis University, we began our work with great enthusiasm, and we were very pleased to be approached by Professor Peter Hegyi. Our relationship with the Centre has been excellent ever since, and our team is very productive. We had a large group size from the beginning, and we have maintained this ever since. We started with 10-15 students each year," says Prof. Dr. Nándor Ács.

As the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is one of the largest clinics in the university and the Department of Urology is one of the smaller ones, two-thirds of the Gynecology-Urology Group came from gynecology and one-third from urology. The research topics of the group are diverse in both areas. “Within urology, colleagues deal with male infertility, and there are many oncological themes as well. Pelvic prolapse is also a research topic in urology. The range of gynecology topics is also wide. The students deal with various pathologies of pregnancy, and the different causes and preventions of premature birth. The causes of developmental disorders is an important clinical question as well. We also have serious oncological topics within gynecology, and we deal with common diseases such as myoma and endometriosis,” says Prof. Dr. Nándor Ács.

The first-year students are now preparing their first scientific publications, some have essentially finished it, and are already making good progress on their second ones. They are highly motivated by the scientific achievements of the second and third-year students, who have already published several articles, including some very significant results and some outstanding publications. “One of our articles was recently accepted by the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, which ranks second among the 270 obstetrics and gynecology journals. This publication is about the impact of maternal age on developmental disorders. A year ago, the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology published our article on this topic. This journal ranks fifth among gynecology journals. Recently, our research on endometriosis was also published in a prestigious scientific journal. Urologists have also had excellent papers recently, for example, about the role of ultrasound-based shear wave elastography in kidney transplanted patients. We are very proud of these results, it is an incredible success to publish in such journals. The CTM's methodological support has an invaluable role in this. Thanks to this support, the students can learn how to analyze data and write a publication. During the training, they also learn how to give presentations in English, which is also a fantastic achievement."

(Emese Szabó)