The Centre for Translational Medicine recently demonstrated an exemplary academic feat when a large number of 58 PhD students conquered the challenging complex exam. This landmark event, which took place at the culmination of their fourth semester, demonstrated the students' exceptional aptitude and commitment to their research endeavours.

The event was honoured by a distinguished international panel of eminent experts including Michael Wilschanski, Victor-Vlad Costant, Mitja Lainscak, Daniel Kendoff, Peter Banovcin and Vasile Drug. Their in-depth expertise and demanding assessment ensured that only the most deserving candidates emerged victorious from this rigorous evaluation.

The complex exam consisted of two comprehensive components that carefully assessed the students' overall knowledge and academic preparedness. The written test, held on the first day, Monday, rigorously tested students' ability to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

The second component of the exam was an oral presentation, which gave students the opportunity to present their two-year research endeavours. Each participant was given ten minutes to engage the audience in a concise yet crucial way, and to engage the panel members with their in-depth explorations. Following the presentation, a 10 to 20 minute breakout discussion helped to explore the research findings in depth and facilitated the exchange of valuable scientific insights.

In the light of their exceptional achievements, we heartily congratulate all PhD students who have emerged victorious in the Centre for Translational Medicine Complex Examination. Their amazing achievements are a testimony to their unwavering perseverance, scientific ability and unwavering pursuit of knowledge. We look forward to witnessing their future contributions to translational medicine and the wider field of academia.

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