Gyakori kérdések

Application procedure

reiterated that the 3 most important things to join the Programme are English language proficiency, confirmation from the workplace that they will let the employee join the Programme and the selection of the subject leader. 


EU citizens can already be supported from the Hungarian state scholarship. If they are not EU citizens, then the scholarship or the 20.000 euros training fee/year could be an option. 


  • It is not possible to join this Programme as a correspondent (he thinks it is slow and cannot replace full-time work). 
  • We can put you in touch with a subject leader in your chosen field. 
  • English language skills, a statement from the hospital that they allow you to participate in the training. In addition, the selection of the subject leader. These are the three most important things. 
  • After that, you have to apply to a PhD school (the person will receive a full-time scholarship of 140.000 HUF) and every 3 months you have to report on the Progress Report. Out of 91 students, 77 students are currently remaining in the Programme after 18 months. 

1-2 pages 

Yes you can bring an external supervisor 

We can pair you up when you apply to us 

No only Stipendium Hungaricum  

Education and Training

We currently have 1 such student. In such a case, no support from the ministry will come. In this case we will see what solution we can find. So it is not a disqualifying factor if someone already has a PhD. 

There is no age limit. 

 everyone in total who meets the criteria. We have funding for 90 people for the time being. He sees 2-3 people per hospital as realistic. 

the topic is chosen by the topic leader (from his/her research area) 

this time can be deducted from the optional part of the exam 

yes, it can count 

yes you have to dedicate about 8 hours, 1 day in Budapest 

yes, it means 4 days per week (in year I 4 days of academic work and 1 day of practical work, in year II it will be reversed and 1 day of academic work and 4 days of practical work in the sickbed)

Negotiations are underway to agree on this.

There will be no mid-year intake, please apply by 26 May.

In addition to the training, we can provide an expert and academic assistant to help you find your way around.

It is possible to have an employment relationship with a full-time PhD student.

After 2 years there is the complex exam and then in the 3rd or 4th year there is the PhD thesis. The 1st year requires a significant time commitment.


not a requirement, but it comes out like this. For the given topic (depending on the database)


  • from high quality databases (structured databases)
  • if we don't have our own data, we create a database/registry (longer process) from data designed from a perspective.
  • Restructure international databases or publications (we build the database ourselves in an excel spreadsheet)

in research, the most important thing is the question, then comes the research, and you need excellent data.