- What motivated you to enter the SE TM program?

In the first year of the SE TM program, Péter Hegyi introduced the program at our clinic. One of my colleagues planned to enter the „old school” PhD program as a student, and i planned to become a supervisor. The TM program seemed to be a good learning opportunity for the both of us.

- What do you think was the reason for you being chosen as supervisor of the month?

I am not sure about it J. Both of my students made great progress during their TM year(s), and hopefully i was able to support them continuosly. Kinga is reaching the complex exam phase, and Gréti started to write the manuscript on her first project – these are great news! I also try to support Vivi and Péter’s work.

- How can a supervisor assist their PhD students effectively?

There is no routine work about it. Sometimes they need specific advice on neonatology-related questions found throug the research, sometimes it’s easier if i can contact someone to help their work. The most important might be the mental support, and to give continuous presence, they can reach me with any question, anytime.

- Presumably, would you support those colleagues of yours at the Clinic in the future who would like to participate in TM Programme as a PhD student?

Sure :)

- Based on your experiences so far, would you recommend this program to those considering participating in a doctorate course?

For the young doctors for sure, however with family and too many shifts, it might be a challenge for „senior” doctors.

Gratulálunk Ákosnak a díjhoz!