She researches melanoma and its therapies, while also mentoring six first-year PhD students. Scientific work is very important to her. In September, Anna Sára Lengyel was named the best science methodology supervisor of the month.

Anna Sára Lengyel decided to pursue a PhD at the end of her university studies. At that time, her supervisor was Lajos Kemény, who suggested that she should join the Centre for Translational Medicine. She also did basic research at the Institute of Physiology; she is now combining that with her PhD studies. "My research topic is melanoma and its therapies. My primary focus is identifying therapeutic targets, and I aim to include basic research in my thesis. I am now a second-year PhD student and have started two meta-analyses in my first year. This semester, I have also applied for a science methodology supervisor position. This allows me to delve deeper into the science of translational medicine. Currently, I am working with six first-year students."

In Dr. Lengyel's group, three students chose dermatology-related topics, two opted for orthopedics, and one selected a neurological theme. "We have various projects, so our work is quite diverse. Since I work as a general practitioner at the dermatology clinic and the Institute of Physiology, it's easier to align research with their tasks. The first-year PhD students have adapted well to the process."

Dr. Lengyel's first article will be completed soon, and it will be submitted to a scientific journal. This meta-analysis compares different therapies for melanoma, including immunotherapies, targeted therapies, and combination therapies. There is also basic research in progress, focusing on pigmentation and examining its regulatory mechanisms. Although Dr. Lengyel is currently more focused on research, she plans to obtain a medical specialty and work in the clinic. However, she would not stop her scientific work then, which she considers very important.

Watch her Progress Report videos here.

(Szabó Emese)