Organization - Goals

1.       The aim of the Translational Medicine Foundation is to
a)       promote the practical application of scientific results and innovations in health care,
b)      stimulate and unify the exchange of information and data flow between universities, hospitals and research centres, and to help their quality control, which can significantly improve the quality of multicenter research projects and reduce the amount of resources needed for research projects,
c)       help all members of the population (including healthy individuals, patients, doctors, etc.) to understand and implement evidence-based knowledge in everyday life through various platforms (web, printed materials, videos, etc.),
d)      participate in the organization of conferences and trainings, in procuring research-related services and in providing financial aid in the search and selection of human resources.
2.       The Translational Medicine Foundation operates
a)       based on public interest,
b)       in a completely non-profit way,
c)       in a transparent way for everyone,
d)      in an accessible way for everyone.
In order to achieve the above goals, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Translational Medicine Foundation made the Electronic Clinical Data Management System (ECDMS) data traffic and quality control system available to the Foundation free of charge under a usage contract. Regarding the operation of the ECDMS system, the foundation has concluded a free framework cooperation agreement with DIGITAL Számítástechnikai Kereskedelmi és Szolgáltató Ltd, on the basis of which DIGITAL Ltd ensures the operation of the ECDMS system according to a separate specification through certain contracts. Both the Translational Medicine Foundation and Digital Ltd. may enter into a particular, specified, operational contract with a third party. Toll-free contracts are a good reflection of the foundation’s objective and operational creed. The members of the board of trustees are confident that the foundation can make a significant contribution to the development and quality improvement of translational research in Hungary, the main result of which will be the health benefits of the citizens of Hungary.